Faith and Art
have walked hand in hand
since the dawn of civilization

Single ticket - $15; Family ticket (2 or more) - $25

Tour of 11 Beautiful Houses of Worship

Hundreds of people will come through the doors of churches, temples and a mosque to enjoy the art used in the celebration of faith. A special souvenir tour Passport will give you all the information and directions you need to travel from one location to another.

Refreshments available on the way. Docents will guide you at each House of Worship.

Expect to see and hear amazing visual and performing arts.

How do I join the tour?

  • Buy ticket(s) online and print the receipt to guarantee your Passport program.
  • Collect your Passport program for the tour from one of three pick-up points on March 21st. Bring your ticket receipt. No admission without a Passport.
  • Pick-up Points:
    From West Anaheim
    St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, 405 N. Dale Ave., 92801
    From East Anaheim
    Islamic Institute of Orange County, 1220 N. State College Blvd., 92806
    From Central Anaheim
    Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 E. Center Street, 92805
  • Although you may buy tickets on the day, we cannot guarantee you will get a souvenir Passport, because we may run out if too many people do this.

Why this Festival?

Faith communities have always believed that nothing but the best should ever be used to express their highest spiritual aspirations.

Around the world we find splendid architecture, beautiful sculpture, ornate scriptures, the finest decorations, sacred vestments, jewelry, religious artifacts, murals, priceless paintings, the most inspiring instrumental and vocal music, even dance and theatre, all pressed into the service of faith and hope.

People have settled in Anaheim from every quarter of the globe bringing with them their history, their culture, their faith and their ART - an amazing diversity of creativity. Yet most of it goes unseen except by those who gather in the various houses of worship.

The Sacred Arts Festival opens the doors of churches, mosques, temples and synagogues to share with friends, and people of other spiritual traditions, the wonders of this art.

With well over 100 various faith communities in Anaheim, this is a city where religion clearly plays an important role in the life its communities. It is hoped that the festival will help to bring people of different faiths to a greater understanding of each other as they share an appreciation of each otherís sacred art.

Open this map in a new tab. Check Houses of Worship to view

The Date

Saturday March 21, 2015
From 10am to 4pm



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