Arts & Food Festival 2012

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to cancel this event
for this year.
We apologize to all of you who have
been inconvenienced. 3/21/2012

The Grove of Anaheim

The forthcoming Arts and Food Festival promises to be one of the biggest events ever held by the Arts Council - and very much headed up by local artist Robert Holton.

The Angels will be playing at home, which means plenty of potential visitors.

Canopies will be spread around the grassy area outside The famous Grove of Anaheim, and the food trucks will be close at hand. Anyone familiar with today's food trucks know that the quality of the food served will be of the highest standard.

It's a little early to tell you which artists and crafts people will be exhibiting - but you should know that all their goods will be for sale. Haggle a bit and you might come away with an amazing bargain.

    • Hospitality Breakfast
    • Live Music Entertainment
    • Children's Art Booth
    • And more ...



Whether a volunteer for the day, a food truck owner or an artist you will all need a Waiver and Permission form - which basically says you take responsibility for yourself, and any children in your care, and please do not think of sueing us if you trip over the leg of a canopy!

Click here Waiver/Permission Form

Now all you Artists and Vendors:

Artists and Vendors Application Form

Indemnification Clause

Rule for the Arts and Food Festival

Application Deadline April 2nd -
and after that cash only