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Downtown Anaheim

The Downtown Anaheim artworks mark a renewal of Anaheim's historic center. New office buildings and retail businesses along with special events and activities are bringing people back to an area that has witnessed much of Anaheim's history.

Fountains in Center Promenade


The Art in Public Places in Downtown Anaheim was developed to commemorate some of this history and integrate the human element into the physical environment of buildings, streets and landscaping. The "Hammer Clock" by Daniel Martinez, the "Sinking Canoe" by Nobi Nagasawa and the Anaheim "A" benches by Buster Simpson, just to mention a few of their artworks, provide unique identity for Downtown Anaheim.


In November every year the Arts Council presents awards to people and organizations who have added to public art in Anaheim. The ceremony takes place in the City Council chambers at the Town Hall.

Garden Walk

Katella Avene was named after the
Kate and Ella figures depicted in
these bronze statues.

Garden Walk, Katella Avenue, is a great location for dining, but has yet to pick up as a great shopping experience. Nonetheless, it has been beautifully designed and is full of lovely artistic touches. These include the bronze statues of Kate and Ella (1895), early settlers of Anaheim.


Here also you will find 19 huge murals painted by Anaheim artists - with the help of dozens of children - to cover over empty store shells.


Visitors should take their time to take in these splendid pieces of collaborative art. The Orange County Register explains the murals project here.


An exuberant mural from the top end of Garden walk.


Interactive Art Tour


The City maintains this quality map and walking tour of public arts in downtown Anaheim.

CLICK HERE to explore the map, see the photographs and even plan your walkng tour.

Artists represented include

Frank Gehry
Lloyd Hamrol
Daniel Martinez
Buster Simpson
Nobuho Nagasawa
Millard C. Sheets
Richard Turner