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The Art Crawl Cometh

The painting watches the artist at work

By Staff writer, 2011-08-07
You can never quite be sure what you'll find when you go on the Art Crawl in the Downtown Anaheim Arts District. That's the fun of it! Artists from miles around will set up easels under the trees in Center Street Promenade, food trucks will circle up outside the ice rink and all the galleries will be open for your delight and entertainment. And there's always a band or two.

This coming Saturday, August 13th, will be the next in this popular series. If you've never yet been on an Art Crawl, now would be a good time. Things will start up at about 6pm but the crowds tend to turn out more as it gets darker.

As a taster we are taking a lookback at the May Arts Crawl in our special report. The publicity card can be found HERE.

If you look carefully you can always find amazing sights - like the painting pictured here appearing to watch the artist as he paints!



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