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Anaheim Art Association Shows off Winners

Dave Judy with President Bette Comstock

By Michael Buss, 2011-06-26
To enter the Exhibition in GardenWalk was to enter a world of amazement. Can there really be so many artists in Anaheim who are so good? Pictures seemed to leap off the easels – “Look at me!” they cried. Many were so evocative because they stirred familiar and long forgotten memories. Other had you peering closely – How did she do that? You try and penetrate the technique and frankly admit that here is creativity that lies beyond you. Then you notice the rosettes, First, Second, Best in Show. And you realize these are amazing pictures.

One picture bore the ribbon for The Mayor’s Award. Tom Tait told me on Saturday night that it was an awful job trying to choose his personal winner – because they were all SO good.

The Anaheim Art Association holds this competition each year and tries to engage young artists. The artists hold their monthly meetings at the Brookhurst Community Center. Many of them paint and draw just for fun. Others seeks to sell their wares.

President Bette Comstock confided that there were two jobs that had weighed on her heavily and that she needed to shed one of them: arranging the reception, and being President of the Association. With the event now over she’s down to be just the president. In this role she announced the winners in each category and the artists came forward to receive their awards. I don’t know what was in the envelopes.

But we all laughed when Best in Show winner Dave Judy came forward and suddenly pulled out his cell-phone. What? Take a call while he’s getting his award? “Thank you Mr. President. I really appreciate your call Mr. Obama. Thank you!” And we knew Dave Judy was up to his jokes again.

The thumbnails below will all open up in a new window if you click them. A further click will enlarge the pictures even further. Winners with rosettes are shown in their frames. Others have been cropped, a few quite substantially.

Click images to enlarge in new window. Then click once more.

Wisps of Destiny - Oil.

Phoebe Siemion

Still Life in Blue and White - Oil

Bill Denham

Fence and Barn - Watercolor

Leo Dave Judy

Eagle - Acrylic

James G. Lewis

Crow - Fabric applique

Beth Shibley

Crow - Detail

Leonard - Oil

Natalia Eremeyava-Duarte

Stir Fry or Salad? - Watercolor

Amy Lin

Classic Ships - Oil

Bette Comstock

Charity (My Bouguery) - Oil

Yelene Hyatt

Chopsticks - Oil

Ed Castello

Six Seconds to Liftoff - Oil

Rich Boyd

Old Man - Mixed media

Leo David Judy

The exhibition gallery. Artists and friends await the presentations.



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