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The Mayor's Concert is Coming Sunday 26th!

Dorothy Rose speaks at a recent concert.

By Staff writer, 2011-06-08
Few people are quite so bold, courageous and determined as Dorothy Rose, Executive Director of the Orange County Symphony. On June 7th she addressed the Anaheim City Council and requested that the OCS be recognized as the Resident Symphony Orchestra in the City of Anaheim.

Then she invited the Mayor and City Council to attend a concert to increase community awareness that there is a Symphony Orchestra in Anaheim which has been active since 2005.

Mayor Tom Tait graciously accepted the invitation for June 26th, as also did Councilwoman Gail Eastman. There may be others. At the suggestion of music director Anthony Parnther the concert has been renamed The Mayor’s Concert. Please see details in the Calendar section. Full flier here.

There are times when the arts community needs to rally round to support one of its members – and this would be one of those times. The arts are on the move in this city, even though funding is sparse. Artists do not stop producing art because times are hard. Indeed often the finest art is born out of adversity. The OC Symphony has some good sponsors, but it needs more. And best of all would be large paying audiences. The more the OCS raises its profile the more support it will get.

As we said in a recent article the OCS is a treasure on our doorstep. But now we must add, people need some educating about symphonic music. No – it’s not because it’s too complicated or inaccessible, but because most people have little contact with full orchestral music. Correction: they do, but may not realize it. They know it, for instance, as background wash at the movies – what we call “incidental music”. If they stop to listen it sits behind many of the great ballads that come to us from, for instance, Disney movies. Musical theatre may have instrumentation as diverse as any you’ll see in a stage orchestra. As I write I have pop singer Phil Collins singing “You’ll be in my heart” and realize that he is being backed by a full orchestra!

French horn sits waiting for the concert to begin.

Going to listen to a live symphony orchestra requires a more focused attention to what is going on in the music. It sure helps to know the sections of the orchestra, and their characteristic sounds. And it helps if you already know the music, though that would be very restrictive for our musicians because the range of music available to them (and us) is vast. We, the audience, need to be introduced to new musical experiences, to develop the ability to dissect, to distinguish the qualities of music and appreciate the melodies, harmonies and rhythms, to hear the way a theme may be tossed around from one section to another, underscored, developed and transformed. As so often the music is a form of poetry, a sound metaphor capturing the very essence of a story, an event, a person, a national culture.

Orchestral music just isn’t going away. And if the Mayor and City Council will name the OCS as Anaheim’s Resident Orchestra it be a step forward in giving this great orchestra its true place in local arts culture.

Photos: Michael Buss



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