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Scholarship Winners Share Their Art

From the left: Ron Hoshi, Carol Latham, Kevin Sticht, Leanne Gill, Erwin Mancilla, Marianne Alermo, Victoria Bustos, Ji Soo Kim

By Staff writer, 2011-06-04
June is always the month in which the winners of the Vy Wheeler Awards share their talent with the Arts Council General meeting, and receive their awards. To experience art in such an intimate setting is invariably exhilarating.

After brief introductions from the Council President, and Ron Hoshi, Awards Chairman, the students were introduced.


Kevin Sticht (Cypress High School) rolled his marimba center stage. He’s been a member of the AUHSD honor band for the past two years and has been selected to be a part of the US Army All American Marching Band. He plans to major in music at college and aspires to own his own drum corps building it from the ground up. His music teacher, Mr. Quirion, says, “Kevin has an innate leadership quality that draws his peers in and motivates them. He will help his fellow students and does so gladly.”
Then Kevin lifted the hammers above the marimba and the first mellow tones rang out. It was as much a delight to watch Kevin’s technique as to hear the music. The audience rose in applause as the last note died away.


Next up was Marianne Alermo (Anaheim High School). Marianne has played numerous roles with the Algernon Theatre Group, is currently writing a musical and aspires to take it to Broadway both to direct and star in it!! She will be auditioning with the Young American College of Performing Arts or attending Fullerton College. Her choir teacher, Mrs. Kelii say, “Marianne is an exceptional choir and theatre student who astounds audiences with captivating monologue performances as well as character roles in various drama performances. she will be a hard working artist in years to come.”

Introductions done, Marianne sang “Colors of the wind”, from the Disney movie Pocahontas, with her clear, powerful voice.


We were fortunate to watch a performance from another Anaheim High School student, Erwin Mancilla. Erwin is a two-times recipient of the Dave Amelee Scholarship. His vocal coach told him he had a good voice for opera, so he sang some Italian opera by Puccini. Erwin plans to attend a junior college in the fall before transferring to university to complete his education in musical theatre. His theatre arts teacher, Mrs. Sharon King says, “Erwin has challenged himself academically and fought against numerous obstacles to be successful and emerge as one of our standout students.”


Leanne is nothing but a bundle of fun. Her infectious enthusiasm captivated the audience as soon as she took the stage. She belongs to the Tri-School Theatre which receives students from Connelly(Anaheim), Rosary (Fullerton) and Servite (Anaheim), and attends Rosary High School. Leanne brought her acting skills to us with a fine monologue based round the idea that you can be in a dream and know it’s a dream but cannot necessarily break out of the dream. The piece covered a wide dynamic range which truly brought out Leanne’s acting skills. Congratulations, Leanne.


Ji Soo, yet another student from Cypress High School, won the hearts of her audience as she explained the methodology behind the artwork she brought along. Here we see part of an intensely detailed still life work in pencil. When asked how she managed not to smudge the pencil she explained that she rarely ever touched the work except with the pencil and that teacher had trained her not to use a ruler. This was more to the point in a second picture (not shown) featuring many straight line objects.

Ji Soo recently won second place in the school district’s Color and Light exhibition in the Golden Rule category. She is currently preparing her portfolio at the Jenn Art Studio in Artesia, and wants to use her art to support the homeless. Her art teacher Kimberly Rocha say, “She has consistently shown creativity and originality in her work. There is a great deal of care and thought that goes into her projects. Ji Soo is both self motivated and co-operative.”


Victoria brought sheer vivacity to the stage when she performed, her charming smile winning approval from all. She has received various dance awards; the departmental award and a scholarship from the Friends of Cypress Cultural Arts (FOCCA). She uses her talent to help out with such events as Little Cheer camp and the Lexington Dance Day. Her plans are to major in Human Child Development at Cal State University Long Beach, and minor in dance. Dance teacher Kerri Fenton says of her, “Victoria is a conscientious student, incredible teammate and overall joy to be around.”

With typical good humor, Victoria finished her dance routine with a nicely timed back flip!


Carol Latham, who so graciously compèred the evening, showed us samples of her artistic talent – creations she made at the Children’s Festival. Very amusing. She produced item after item with the words – “My talent!”

NOTE: The next General Meeting will be held on September 8th when we will hold a further Arts Expo and build on the discussions of last time. Book the date now.

Photos: Michael Buss



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