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WAND BBQ does not disappoint

Artist Bette Comstock creates a butterfly

By Staff writer, 2011-05-14
Itís that time of year when many neighborhoods celebrate their unique character with home and garden tours, and invite all and sundry to come enjoy the ambience. West Anaheim Neighborhood Development does it a little differently. They take over the Twila Reid Park for one big barbeque.

But donít be misled. This is about far more than barbeques. True enough, the food area in the center of the park was universally popular dishing up food and soft drinks by way of volunteers from the Fire Department, Magnolia Elementary School District, Savanna High School PTA, the Boy Scouts and others. But it was also about ART.

Patriotism in music from both young and old alike

Well, entertainment is art, isnít it. So as at so many events there was the stage, the mics and speakers, and the music. Ask yourself, wherever do we have a large people gathering event without a stage pumping out music from local bands and choirs? Music, dance, performance. So as you wandered around the many booths providing anything from sunglasses, to city information, you were never far from the stage show. Children sang, drummers drummed, school orchestras played, soloists declared the glories of America or uplifted us with ballads. Music permeated everything.

The WAND BBQ drew many community leaders. Lou Correa (State Senator) did his rounds, closely followed by Mayor Tom Tait and his wife. Board members of the Anaheim Union high School District mingled with the crowds as, Iím sure, did many other civic and volunteer leaders whom I never got to see.

Families WANDered (could not resist the pun) around the arts and craft stalls, checked in for city an county information, or had their kids faces painted all for the sheer fun of being there.

Just at the some of the many booths in Twila Reid Park, May 14th.

One individual came up to the Anaheim Arts Council stand and at great length declared he had been come to this event for years; he wouldnít miss it for the world!

Thatís loyalty for you.

Like every neighborhood West Anaheim has its challenges (see their new website) and the bonds that are forged through a common celebration of the arts, community services and that wonderful spirit of volunteerism, make for a great place to live.



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