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Meritage Broadway Concert Success

By The Editor, 2016-10-26

Last month I mentioned the Meritage Vocal Ensemble’s concert, a journey though Broadway music old and new, on October 22nd, at Anaheim United Methodist Church. Well, I went to see for myself and, WOW, was I impressed! They were everything I hoped for: a well-balanced chorale, a charming director (Dr. Cristian Grases) ably supported by a magnificent pianist (Porfino Mojica) and the Meritage Combo -- Aaron Serapi on drums and Corbin Jones on bass guitar.

I must add that the closing medley from Fiddler on the Roof was a total knockout! Chuck Murphy’s Tevya was as good as any I have ever heard. The director graciously allowed me to bring greeting from the Arts Council and to share a little of our own planned Broadway Arts concert next February. Meritage is our newest member organization. And I am now Meritage’s newest second tenor!These guys are so good it’s almost intimidating. But, listen, they actually NEED more male singers. Here’s their website.

In a couple of days I will fill out this article to give you a bunch more details.

Please come back by Saturday!



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