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Garden Walk To Get Arts Uplift

By Editorial, 2016-08-02

Anaheim residents know that the much-lauded GardenWalk  languished after the initial enthusiasm. All this may soon begin to change with a newly announced program called Art On The Walk where  visitors will traverse the length of GardenWalk and be drawn into a new, vibrant art experience.

In essence, artists will be able to display and sell their works out of available retaill spaces all nicely refurbished to suit the purpose. They will not need to sit patiently waiting for customers because GardenWalk staff will connect them back to you.

Artists – this is an opportunity to jump on! Here’s the introduction:

GardenWalk is dedicated to providing opportunities for non-profit organizations, schools and universities, the community and emerging artists to showcase their art to the millions of guests that visit our property each year.  Our goal is to inspire, challenge, inform, encourage and create unique experiences for our guests and artists. 

Artists will have the ability to utilize empty store fronts, the common area space, barricades and air space for their works of art.  They have the ability to change out their pieces, add to their collection or remove their art work at any time with written notification. 

These spaces will not be staffed by the artist or the organization, with the exception of the special launch event on Oct 14.  Sales will not occur directly out of the space but rather the signage produced by GardenWalk will give contact information for the artist. 

The scope of work could include all mediums – paintings, sculpture, metal art, fiber art, photography, pottery, glass works, film, memorabilia, jewelry, large scale, chalk, etc. – as long as it is not in direct competition with our tenants or ownership.  Anaheim GardenWalk reserves the right to disallow any piece of work they deem to be in conflict with the spirit of this opportunity. 

Download the flier HERE

For direct contact:
Robin Weeks-Wynne l Senior Director, Marketing & Tourism
714.635.7400 x116



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