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More MUZEO Magical Moments

By Michael Buss, 2016-04-03

The much-loved MUZEO has opened its doors on another major exhibition - Master Craft: The Art of Woodworking.

Now in case you’re wondering why this would be so compelling you need to remember that if you had been one of the early settlers of Anaheim you might have needed all the skills of woodworking to make everything from your bed, to the kitchen table and chairs, to the loom on which your wife wove the carpets.

Carpentry at one time was a practical necessity. If your wagon wheel broke a spoke, you made another with a spoke-shave. If the front door swelled with the rain, you could wait for it to shrink, or use an old plane to remove the excess wood.

We have to hold such craftsmen in admiration. But as time went on and woodworking became industrialized skills with drills, lathes, saw and chisels slowly dropped out of fashion.

Mercifully for our modern world there are those who have made woodcraft a fine art and we can only stand in jaw-dropping awe at the magnificent pieces our artisans can make.

Your trip to the MUZEO will spin your emotional memories back in time to those rustic years when you see the displays of the old woodworking tools. It leaves the soul with a deeply satisfied feeling that those old days were indeed good. (Until you remember what happened if you had toothache! Or what is was like to have no air-conditioning.)

You will also see the sheer beauty of wood for wood’s sake. Take this huge piece, sawn down the middle then meticulously planed and sanded so you can see the inner beauty of the tree: nature at its finest. Then, here a table, there a chair, over there an ornament of such exquisite artistry than you cannot begin to imagine how it was made, carving to delight children. It’s all here.

If you time your visit well you will get to meet some of the craftsmen – like Fred Rose - or watch the artists at work on a lathe. Highly recommended!

Master Craft: The Art of woodworking runs until May 21st in the main gallery.

Of course, you can also pair your visit with a walk round the gallery in the Carnegie building displaying the paintings of Virginia Vilchis.

Virginia writes: “My art reflects a distinct quality of lines and shapes. I treat my forms, shapes, colors, and space so as not to emphasize realism but rather an extraordinary visual experience. The changes that occur everyday in the world also inspire me to express my interpretation through art. My style of painting expresses a quality and characteristics that do not always reflect any specific object or instance. My work is created to awaken internal feelings and to bring satisfaction to the viewer or at the least, to stimulate his or her senses. With my art, I want to create excitement and to make people feel immersed and participant of my work.”

The Paintings of Virginia Vilchis may be seen up until April 10th. Free.

Coming up: April 14-24. The wonderful visual art of students from the Anaheim Union High School District – the Color and Light Exhibition.

For all details of Muzeo exhibits visit their website here.

Fred Rose with an imaginative piece.


A spectacular chair




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