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Appeal: Homes for Dancers

By Staff writer, 2011-04-20
The Anaheim Ballet offers a summer dance training program that students from other states, as well as countries, participate in. For housing the visiting students, they offer stay in a hotel suite with other girls and a chaperone, or the option of staying in an AB family's home. Currently AB has some students that would like the homestay, but the company is now stretched to find enough suitable accommodation. This is therefore a wider appeal to the arts community to see if anyone would be interested in housing a student for four weeks this summer. Compensation is provided, $850 for the four weeks. Currently they have females, average age being 16 years old. This year the majority are from Northern CA or north Los Angeles area, with a few out of state, rather than the high number of internationals as last year; but it still would be a fun experience to host a dancing student.

The dates are July 9/10 (depending on flight/exact arrival) through August 6/7. The host family would be responsible for breakfast at the home, a brown-bag lunch to be eaten at AB on their break, and dinner post classes each night. The transportation is the other key component, as the students have classes Monday-Friday 10:30am (can be dropped off as early as 10:00am), and will need to be picked up sometime between 5:30-8:45pm each night (exact time depends on the day as different classes end at different times) The host would receive full four week schedule at program's start. As well there are Saturday classes, approx. 10:30am-1:30pm, then the rest of the day is spent with the family, as well as Sundays being free days. Ashley, from Anaheim Ballet, says, If you know of anyone who may be interested in this opportunity, please let me know, or have them contact me directly. Call 714-520-0904 or email info@anaheimballet.org.



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