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APACF Passes Major Milestone

By Michael Buss, 2015-10-08

After years of persistent planning and advocacy the Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts Foundation (APACF) got the green light from the Anaheim City Council (October 6th) to press on with its efforts to build a state of the art performing arts center here in Anaheim.

We have known for a while that the intended location will be the City National Grove of Anaheim, but the fully completed project will far exceed the wildest imaginations of the casual observer. I am told that Phase I will see the construction of an underground parking lot and brand new theatres added to the east end of the current building. Phase II will then be the refurbishing of the existing Grove which, in the meantime, will continue functioning as usual. Then the two parts of the total building will be integrated.

In all likelihood Nederlander, the current management company, will continue to be a strong partner into the future.

Even more exciting than the technicalities of planning permissions and construction will be the groups that will come in to perform in the Center. They are literally clamoring to use the PAC. In fact the wider vision for the center will make it a huge cultural arts center which will be the envy of the arts communities up and down the whole west coast (and probably beyond).

Do not be afraid to imagine in that one day the Golden Globes or the Oscars may be hosted here in Anaheim. The facility will be that good.

The next immediate task is the launch of the major capital campaign. APACF already has powerful sponsors. We might reckon that with this City resolution of support, the pledges will come and the coffers will open.

Contrary to ideas that some have latched on to, APAC is not a musical theatre production company. All types performing arts will shine in the new Center including drama, and orchestral music.  And certainly we expect to see the finest Broadway musicals without having to drive to LA!

This has been a long haul in which the determined supporters doggedly pressed on, in spite of the doubts and disagreements from some quarters.  At times, even this website has voiced concern that the vision might become stuck in soirees and big summer events. But what we could not see was the persistent drive of APAC leadership to bring their plans to fruition.

Now we are delighted to offer praise and congratulations both to APACF and the City Council for their resolution to add yet another jewel in the crown of what Anaheim has to offer. The cultural and economic benefits to Anaheim are incalculable.

The documentation of the City resolution is here:





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