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Muzeo Hosts Color and Light Triumph

Winner Brian Wang, Kennedy HS, 11th grade. Oils and other media.

By Michael Buss, 2011-04-18
The annual art exhibition of the Anaheim Union High School District turned out to be one of the most spectacular ever. Not only did the director of the Muzeo, Peter Cominsky, say that many of the winners would well merit permanent exhibition space at in their art gallery but the sheer enthusiasm of the 300 attendees emotionally came to the same conclusion.

By Jiwan Lee. Drawn with a ballpoint pen!

Local based judges adjudicated the pieces in the previous week and on a somewhat overcast evening the delighted winners received their awards in front the school board, school principals, parents and friends.

The success of the event was also due to the idea to involve many other artists in the exhibition. The jazz band from Savanna filled the Carnegie Plaza with both rhythm and nostalgia.

Students from several culinary arts classes moved amongst the crowds with delightful pastries and hors d’oeuvres.

Junior High student. Is that really Marilyn Monroe?

Drama students from Brookhurst JHS turned out with their Living Wax Museum performances. Each actor stood statue-like until “activated”, when they would come to life, deliver a brief dramatic biography and then drop back to being frozen.

For two hours before the awards ceremony scores of students milled around with parents in tow, school governors, art teachers glowing with pride at their students’ success. And everywhere – re-unions of people who never get to see each other from year to year.

Snow White, still frozen.

The entire scene outside the Muzeo simply hummed with the sheer delight of being there.

Some of the many sculptures

The art works came in various categories, including sculpture and photography. We will publish the winners in a follow-up article. For now we are delighted to reproduce some of the most striking pieces.

Over 300 listen intently for winners' names



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