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Arts Council Elects New President

By Michael Buss, 2015-07-06

It’s time for changes all round. At the May General Meeting the Council elected three new Directors to the Board; 

  • Dan Finley, Executive Director of  the Muzeo
  • Grace Chung,  Tenant & Community Relations Manager for the Anaheim Packing House
  • Debra Schroeder, Director of the new GOALS Academy 

Then at the June Board Meeting the Directors elected Reon Boydstun Howard as the new President of the Arts Council, me (Michael Buss) to be VP of Membership, and Carol Latham to be VP of Programs.

You can see the full line-up, with pictures, here.

Welcome to Reon!

You will be in the safe and very experienced hands of Reon Boydstun Howard. She is widely known and recognized in Anaheim and has been a very positive force for the arts for many years. Reon was President once before (2005-2007). She has seen many transitions in the City and in the arts community which means she has a great perspective for ongoing strategy.

Of course, Reon will have the support of the entire team of directors and, I am sure, of all the membership.

Goodbye but not farewell

Michael's three years in office brought about many changes to the Arts Council and its visibility in the city of Anaheim. The style, content and presentation of our General Meetings, and the last two fund-raising soirees, underwent considerable changes. We tackled major new initiatives in the City. Do you remember the Come Together event in October of 2010, which focused on the arts as a means to bring healing and togetherness to Anaheim families affected by the officer related shootings that summer? Do you remember the citywide Sacred Arts Festival earlier this year?

And in many way we have become more accustomed to the world of the internet with the Arts Council website, our mailings with MailChimp, and our ability to personalize newsletters and membership renewals.

Perhaps most of all we have had the courage, as a Board, to take a fresh look at ways in which the Arts Council could and should address issues of community and the arts. This was a major reason for the special invitation lunch we held at the Anaheim White House last October where we opened up these ideas with City Staff, a Council member, school district leadership, non-profit executive directors and representatives of other business and arts organizations. These initiatives will continue into the coming year with new Board committees.

Arts Council committees are not the exclusive preserve of the board; so if you (members) have a desire to put your shoulder to the wheel on a committee - please just ask.

For me this has been a fun, sometimes frustrating,  certainly exhausting, and very worthwhile ride. It has been my privilege to serve the arts, and the Arts Council in particular, as your President. 

My thanks to all who have been so encouraging to me. Your smiles and kind words have been like gold! I will still be around, but wearing a different hat.

Michael Buss




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