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Battle of the Bands is Heating Up

By The Editor, 2015-05-15

Creativity is irrepressible, and when musical kids want to play and sing not much can stop them. There’s the drummer who found his rhythm in the school band, the soloist from choir, the guitarists who figured it out from You Tube, and one of them seems to have a gift for lyrics. They spend hours in someone’s garage getting their unique “voice”, finding the meld that works for them. And above all they are happy because they are  creating – and who knows where it all might lead? But who hears them?

Now they have a chance to lock horns with the best teen bands in Anaheim and shine with the pizzazz they already feel they own in the Battle of the Bands. This new event gives an great opportunity for Junior High and High School bands to strut their stuff before their peers!

Publicity has gone out to all schools. Completed application forms, with demo videos posted on You Tube, are required by May 22nd. These will be adjudicated by a panel of experts from Cal State Fullerton, Disneyland and possibly the Chance Theater.

The selected finalists will perform in Pearson Park Amphitheater on Saturday, July 18 at 6:30pm. This should be a stonking event! We want to see 3000 teenagers there!

The Arts Council envisaged a very similar event a couple of years ago, and even penciled in a date for the Pearson Park Amphitheatre, but they lacked the resources to be able to pull this together. So many congratulations to Community Services for initiating this wonderful competition, finding the resources and taking the risk.

Now, if for any crazy reason, some teenage musician reads this article who has NOT already heard all the details, know this – you don’t have much time left.

All the information you need is right HERE. Contact info; the Rules, the Application form, the Insurance Waiver and Parental Permission form. Click, press Ctrl-P and print the stuff. Fast.

But, all being well, you are way ahead of this – all done. Sorted. So on behalf of all well-wishers from the Anaheim Arts Council, we send you our very best for a hugely successful competition, with boatloads of fun!

Community Services – Thank You!



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