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Classic Master Paintings at Center Gallery

By Provided, 2015-05-15

"In Search of Light and Harmony." Center Gallery Exhibition at Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 E. Center Street. Now open.

William Galvez, a native of Columbia, South America, was born to a family of artists. Galvez grew up developing a taste and passion for art. For years he experimented with different styles, mediums and techniques, until he fell in love with the magic of European art. Hence his creativity has been devoted to the still life the genre for many years.

William Galvez’s art works reflect the style and grace of the Old Masters in their strength and composition. His award-winning paintings are on display in discriminating galleries and private collections around the world.

This is naturally talented artist exhibits his skills with precise and detailed still life representations of his mind’s eye and from his very own carefully selected arrangements. He makes no claim of providing hidden meanings and subliminal messages in his renderings,  but rather attempts to portray realistic scenes in a graphic manner on his canvas, much to the evident delight of those who have purchased and proudly display his works.  His studios in Southern California and in Columbia, South America, at any given time, will contain a few paintings underway.

“The beauty that surrounds me everywhere,” says Galvez, “is a constant source of inspiration.”

Yet in his creative process he relies even more on his heart than he does on his eye. There is magic in Galvez’s work, a remarkable glow that seems to shine from an inner light. His colors are all at once subtle and intense. He achieves this through a long and painstaking process of layering and glazing. Once the drawing is in place Galvez begins using oils with a burnt amber wash to paint his subjects. The next step is applying a dead color layer, local color layer and applications of lights and darks.

Then this is followed with three to five applications of colors he calls transparent, each to bring out a greater sense of depth and tonal value.

Each layer builds luminosity and light within the transparent glazes of mysterious shadows. His contrasts, highlights and somber glazes complete his paintings resulting in works that enter our minds and transform our dreams into reality.

Leonardo used his scientific knowledge of how the eye sees to create the illusion of immense depth. Rembrandt transformed paintings with his use of light, texture and brush work. Galvez combines these techniques with his inner intellect to create his art.

Below: Horn of Plenty by William Galvez.

This Center Gallery Exhibition is curated by the Cultural and Heritage Commission, which also hosted a lovely reception for the opening on May 7th., when many visitors got to meet and hear Mr. Galvez speak of his work.



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