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Concerto Guild News

By Press Release, 2015-05-14

May 17th at Servite: Bad Romance

The final performance of the 2014-15 season of the OCS at the Anaheim Performing Arts Center will be two all-time Russian favorites from the Romantic era. Passion in many guises ruled the arts during the 19th Century's Romantic Movement, and music did not escape. Iconic composers we view with reverence today like Franz Liszt, for example, were yesterday's rock stars. Liszt received so many requests for a lock of his hair from fin de siècle groupies that he bought a dog and sent out locks of its fur instead. Tchaikovsky's emotional life was marked by a 6-week marriage to a woman he never divorced and an intense, 14-year relationship (through letters) with Nadezhda von M., a woman he never met. Nadezhda Rimsky-Korsakov, on the other hand, sacrificed her own musical career to support that of her husband, Nikolai.

Weep with Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet during the first part of the concert, but cheer for the heroine who manages to keep her head in Rimsky-Korsakov's rousing Scheherazade. The pre-concert talk starts at 6pm.


--OCS outreach includes donating tickets to deserving groups such as Teen Challenge, OC Therapeutic Arts Center, Blind Veterans of America, Los Amigos, the Family Justice Center, RYTMO and Grandma's House of Hope.

--A single violin in the string section is made from 70 individual pieces of wood.

--Through our connection with the Convention Bureau, we welcome tour groups from across the nation. In April an orchestral group of 60 high-school students enjoyed the concert, while Dorothy Rose organized a Master Class/Clinic for them afterward.


On July 26, at Servite, the OC Pops Ensemble under the direction of Polyanna Gorman will make their debut in a Summer Gala featuring a reception and a silent auction. For reservations contact dorothy_rose@ocsymphony.org.


June 13: Concerto Guild Annual Meeting & Election June 21: "Blue Notes": Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue June 30: OCS and Guild Memberships due

July 26: Gala Debut, OC Pops Ensemble

Join us again

For the 2015-16 year, dues for both Guild and OCS remain the same. Guild Membership is $35/year and subscriptions for the OCS are $250 annually, with $190 for seniors and students. This includes 4 free tickets to 9 concerts, a $720/$540 value if you paid full admission each time. Renewal forms are online.

The Concerto Guild supports the 115-member OC Symphony, a regional, semi-professional orchestra named the Official Resident Symphony of the City of Anaheim. Its performance home is Anaheim Performing Arts Center at Servite, 1952 W. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801. 



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