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Annual Soiree was Heroic

By The Editor, 2015-04-15

Swapping out the word Champion for Superhero the Arts Council brought its Superhero For the Arts Contest to a climax on Thursday April 9th. As good sports, the various contestants (or their deputies) dressed suitably for the occasion, and stepped up for recognition certificates to the cheers of the crowd. Topping out the Superheroes was Cynthia Coad (left) who won the ultimate prize on behalf of  the Kiwanis Club of Greater Anaheim.

The contest was a 50:50 arrangement whereby half the proceeds went right back to the member organizations and the other half goes to the Arts Council to provide grants and scholarships.

If last year’s Arts Vibrations changed up the annual soiree to something of a show, so also did this event. As guests checked in, pored over the silent action items and filled their plates with good food, so Vern Nelson entertained from the piano with dazzling speed and good humor.  Later in the evening he paired up with the lovely Erika Miller from The Chance to accompany her as she sang.

And in between these segments two wonderful musicians from the Orange County Symphony played a scintillating variety of music arranged for flue and cello. But whereas Hitoshi Suzuki played just the one cello (as would be expected), our flautist Stephanie Getz brought four woodwinds on stage ranging from a traditional-looking flute to a more wooden barreled instrument and a piccolo. Having nearly exhausted herself with a flute arrangement of the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel) she admitted this was the first time she had ever played this in public.

There was no doubt in the minds of many that the musical entertainment was worth the ticket price alone, never mind all the rest of the program items.

All photos by Renee Stewart Jackson

Arts Council President Michael Buss was MC for the evening. He introduced a short video “mash-up” of video clips from the recently completed Sacred Arts Festival, organized under the aegis of the Council, to show some of the beautiful art to be found in many of Anaheim’s places of worship.

A neat series of slides also conveyed to the audience a sense of what had taken place in the monthly general meetings since last September, and in a fun interview with Daniel Finley, Executive Director of The Muzeo, Mr. Finley explained about the opening of the newest exhibition – just days away from opening – Cougars and Grizzlies.

Of course, the evening was very much about fund-raising and those who may have found they had not spent enough in the auctions were given opportunity also to make straightforward donations.

The hard working committee which spent several months putting the whole event together included Dr. June Glenn, Reon Boydstun-Howard and Carol Latham.

Excellent food was supplied by Sally Ann Catering and the Anaheim White House. Other companies supported the event with sponsorship: Disneyland Resort, Hilgenfeld Mortuary, Boydstun Realty. Donors who provided prizes for the silent and take-out actions were too numerous to mention, but you can see all the details in the program by clicking HERE.

The event took place in the Ebell Clubhouse in Helena Street – which proved to be a most successful venue.

The Superheroes were:
Paul Kott (Bookman) for the Anaheim Public Library. Deputy on the night, Frank Barry.
Carol Latham (Wonder Woman) for Altrusa.
Cynthia Coad (another Wonder Woman) for the Kiwanis Club.
Kathy Haze (not present) for Creative Identity.
Joyce Kessee (the Black Widow) for the Ebell Club
Pete Goetze (represented by Veronica Purpura as Lina Inverse) for the Opal Society.

Thanks to all of these folks for engaging in a very fun contest.

AND NOW THE SLIDES by Renee Stewart Jackson ...

Superheroes Soiree, April 2015

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