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Theatre News

By The Editor, 2014-09-28

The Chance

It was an ebullient Erika Miller who bounced up to the microphone at a recent City Council meeting (Sept 23rd) to share the news of ever growing popularity and success at The Chance. The company has recently received another two Ovation Award nominations. These Southern California awards are for excellence in theatre and are given out by the Los Angeles Stage Alliance – the only peer-judged theatre awards in LA.

Erika called our special mention for the opening musical of the year, Lysistrata Jones, which was also featured for its fine choreography.

The current show is Maple and Vine, dubbed by the New York Times as “a clever, sharply drawn fantasy... makes a sneaky, compelling case for the seductions of living the Ozzie and Harriet life."  With a wide grin Erika reminded the City Council that this was not a show for the kids!

And whereas we thought we had seen the last of the Reindeer Monologues after years of exposure to the harsh winter winds and snow of California, out came the news – they are BACK, by popular demand.

The Chance’s website is well worth a visit. A very sweet improvement.

Stage Door Rep Three Year Anniversary

Can you believe it? Stage Door Repertory Theatre has now been playing to full houses for three full years and will celebrate its anniversary on Saturday October 4th. They have a special evening planned starting at 6:15pm for food, comedy, music and more; plus the main show at 7pm with announcements of the biggest and boldest 2015 season. All this for only $35!

Also of huge significance is that a few months ago SDR acquired the adjacent property to be able to expand their theatre operation. Note: buying more space is the way to go with growing Anaheim theatres! The extra accommodation provides for a scene workshop, proper changing space and green room for the actors, office space, etc. Whilst being a greater drain on the coffers, this is also indicative of a theatre with a strong audience base whose regular support makes this expansion possible. Congratulation to Nick and Julie Charles who have so diligently steered the enterprise to ongoing success. Here’s the link for the full details.

ACT – Anaheim Community Theatre

This group which prides itself on being able to set first time actors off on a stage career has been pulling in the crowds recently, and that to very appreciative audiences.

The threat of closure has been hanging over the heads of the theatre company with the possibility that the church hall may be leased off to an outside entity. We’ll have to check up and let you know.

Meanwhile The Diary of Anne Frank may be the last show in the space completing a splendid run that started off many years ago - with the same play. The play opens Friday October 10th and closes on Sunday October 19th.

As an added bonus for the Arts Council cast members will be at the next General Meeting on October Thursday 2nd. I anticipate we will see a scene from the play and get a strong encouragement to go see the full play at the First Presbyterian Church, on Broadway, where the company is based.

You may get the full show details here.




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