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Art and the Brain

By Michael Buss, 2014-06-09

Arts Training can cause dramatic changes in the brain, including possibly strengthening the “attention network”, a series of regions linked to general intelligence  - The Dana Foundation

I gazed in awe. The fine art and photography Color and Light exhibition was simply stunning! And the question arose, what goes on in the minds of today’s teenagers? Is it all social media, online gaming, rap music and dating? To see the creations of these imaginative young artists is to blow away all such simplistic conjectures. 

Let me show you what I mean.

Here are “thumbnails” of just four pictures from the exhibition. If you are reading this on a computer please click the images to see the full detail.  

Fig 1. Digital art on a tablet. Marisa Gomez. Polaris

Fig 2. Colored pencils. Marisa Gomez. Polaris (Best in Show)

Fig 3. Watercolor. Kim Truong. Western

Fig 4. Charcoal. Julian Romero. Katella

These pictures tell us a great deal about the mind of each artist. All of them reveal tremendous:-

Creative imagination; Intense focus; Persistence; Attention to detail; Technical competence; Empathy (with the subject). 

With a little thought you can easily add to this list.

If I were an employer looking for a new high-flyer in my company, I would want every one of those qualities!!

Truly, a parable in pictures! Need I say more?




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