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Arts EXPO! Hailed a Success

Discussion groups weigh in to the questions.

By Staff writer, 2011-03-14
The Anaheim Arts Council broke new ground with its March 3rd Arts EXPO! and is already planning a September 8th follow-up. See below.

Rallying about 20 of its member organizations they dug into crucial issues facing arts groups today:
• What issues most challenge viability?
• How can arts organizations better help each other?
• Are there new ideas for fund-raising?
• How can the Arts Council be of greater help to its constituency?
• And more besides …

The evening opened, as usual, with an excellent array of refreshments provided by the Board. Around the room some twenty or so tables displayed the work of the member organizations while everyone cruised around to learn more about the activities of other members of the Arts Council.

The Chance Theatre and Drizzle Art both provided prizes for the Opportunity Drawing.

After a while the meeting broke into discussion groups to tackle the types of questions listed above. Then spokespersons from each group presented their findings, which in turn were summarized on a large flip chart b y the fast and furious writing of Ron Hoshi.

Council President Carol Latham writes: “There was a lot of energy, sharing and good ideas generated. I think we did a 'good thing' for the AAC in doing this.” Ron Hoshi foreshadowed the future with his banner declaring this to be the “first annual Arts Expo!

There is no doubt collaboration works. The recent Art Crawl Experience was a collaborative event drawing in about 1500 people.

The Board will soon be in discussion to crystallize a summary of the event. In the meantime here are the notes of the responses to the questions addressed by the discussion groups.



The response from the EXPO! was really overwhelming. To maximize the potentional benefits of what has begun there will be a further EXPO on September 8th - the opening General Meeting of the Arts Council.

The plan is to have every arts group present with a full turn out so that there are enough people to man the tables whilst others are free to visit the other tables and network better. The Council will be inviting wider participation to raise the profile of the arts activity in Anaheim.

By September organizations will have completed their planning for the coming year - assuming a September start - and will hopefully have at least a provisional calendar of events. The EXPO! will feature calendar sharing, and tuition on how to use the website more effectively.

One of the big questions on March 3rd was How can we more effectively support each other? The meeting will re-visit that discussion.

MARK THE DATE IN YOUR CALENDARS NOW. PLAN TO BE THERE. September 8th at the Downtown Community Center from 5:30-8pm.



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