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Servite Stage Collapse

By DR, 2014-03-09

You may have already heard about the stage collapse at Servite on Saturday March 8th while girls from Rosary High School were performing which sent performers into the pit below. According to NPR there were 250 students on stage jumping up and down. Thankfully, there were no life threatening injuries. (Minor scrapes, bruises and some broken bones.) While this was a horrific experience.....Thankfully it was not tragic as it might have been!

You may see the ABC News report, with video, here.

Dorothy immediately contacted Robbie Robertson who tells her the stage will be repaired and ready for the Symphony concert on Sunday night, March 16th.

Dorothy says, "Needless to say, I will be monitoring this on a moment by moment basis but I believe we should go forward in complete faith that the stage will be ready for us on Sunday, the 16th."

The most compelling matter then, is to get the word out.

David Rentz, and Dorothy will be at the OCS rehearsal on Sunday 9th with tickets in hand.



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