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Servite Auditorium Gets A New Name

By The Editor, 2014-02-15

Servite High School has a strong arts program among its many academic offerings: Classical Guitar, Jazz band, Men’s Choir and Visual Arts.

Two of its guitarists won scholarships from the Arts Council in the summer of 2013 and delighted AAC supporters with their performance.

In a new step, doubtless intended to reinforce the role of the performing arts in school life, the Servite Auditorium has been renamed the Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts at Servite.

The name is intriguing for it could well have been the Servite Center for the Performing Arts. But by choosing to place the name of Anaheim as the first word, it has staked out a claim to be the city’s performing arts location.

How delightful, therefore, that the Orange County Symphony, the resident orchestra for Anaheim, will now be performing in the Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts at Servite.

The Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts at Servite (ACPAS?) is a well-appointed space with fine technical equipment, a trained stage crew, perfect Box Office and foyer, ample seating and plenty of parking. The space is available for rental. http://servitetheatre.org/index.html

As renaming goes, the Chance Theatre has just been renamed the Chance Theater at the Bette Aitken Theater Arts Center.

Anaheim still has no definitive news of the larger performing arts space we have long hoped for,  but in the meantime the performing arts are not waiting. They are forging ahead with new dance studios springing up, theatres performing excellent musicals (two are running right now) and a new choral society in town utilizing First Presbyterian Church. Scratch the surface and you find the arts are doing rather well in Anaheim.



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