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The Vesper Light is Coming With OCCS

By The Editor, 2014-02-05

No musical instrument can better the human voice. An unaccompanied choir of fabulous voices is totally sublime. Give that choir rich Russian Orthodox music and the listening ear is in for a treat of momentous proportions.

Anaheim’s newest music group, the Orange County Choral Society, will fill the choir stalls of First Presbyterian Church on Saturday February 22nd for a performance of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s finest achievement – The Vesper Light (The All Night Vigil).

For music lovers willing to try something new  there is no doubt this will be a wonderful evening. For aficionados this just cannot be missed. This rich polyphony, dipping and soaring is a musical rollercoaster, at times meditative, and at other times rising to unimaginable crescendos.

First Presbyterian has just the right acoustics for this type of music.

The OCCS under the musical direction of Christopher Gravis needs a great welcome from Anaheim residents. And they need our encouragement. So we urge you to venture out, however chilly the evening might be, to share in this great experience.

If you would like a preview of what the music itself sounds like go to this YouTube video. But remember, the real thing is far better.



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