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New Year: New Look. Our Website Changes

By Michael Buss, 2014-01-09

As times change so do styles and website fashions. Accordingly the Arts Council is now rolling out its newly designed website. It will be more airy and spacious and incorporate new features - some of which you can see right now on the front page.

But this is like changing the wheels while the car is moving. We have to make changes while people are using the site. So some of it remains retro; and some of it is more modern. Gradually, over the next couple of weeks, all the page designs will change.

The new menu requires visitors to click to see the dropdown options. The old menus are still hover menus. That may be a little confusing until the transition is complete. Please bear with us.

NEW! All the action features are on the front: JOIN, VOLUNTEER, DONATE.

NEW! Our Theatre page. Here you will always be able to see what's on in Anaheim theatres and link directly to their websites.

If you find problems, or have suggestions, use the Contact page to let us know.



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