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The Role of Theatre in Anaheim

By Press release, 2014-01-01

IN AN UNPRECEDENTED MEETING, artistic directors from Anaheim’s four theatres will share their visions and plans with the members of the Anaheim Arts Council at their opening gathering of 2014. The meeting is open to the public, free of charge.

The role of theatre in a community is frequently not well understood. Historically theatre not only provided entertainment for enthusiastic audiences, but also broke many social conventions, challenged the status quo and ran the risk of causing actual riots! Theatre spoke truth to power and gave insight into the issues of the day. In other words, it has often been a powerful instrument for change. Is that still true? Or has theatre turned in on itself? Are musicals the only stage shows that attract the crowds? All of this will be under the microscope on January 9th.

In Anaheim we have astounding and powerful theatre regularly gracing the stage. Arts Council President Michael Buss felt it was high time to bring the creators of so much stage magic together to share why they believe theatre is so important.

For those who do not yet have the theatre bug here is a great opportunity to meet principals from The Chance, Stage Door Repertory, the Gallery, and Anaheim Community Theatre. Here are people with stunning creativity, a huge sense of humor and great compassion. With theatre credits and connections as long as your arm, and with awards and reviews sufficient to light up the sky you can be sure the evening will be challenging and inspirational.

No doubt the evening will also appeal to actors, theatre directors, playwrights, drama teachers, and many other. Not so obvious will be the relevance for employers: why do actors make some of the best employees?

Naturally there will be surprises in store to add an element of unpredictable theatre fun to the proceedings.

Expected guests will include Oahn Nguyen and Erika Miller (The Chance); Nick Charles (Stage Door Repertory); Mark Torreso and Glenn Kelman (The Gallery Theatre); Norma Leichtweis (ACT); Justice Smith, actor.

ARTS COUNCIL THEATRE EVENT: Thursday Jan 9th, 2014. 5:30-7pm
At the Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 Center Street, Anaheim CA 92805



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