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Sacred Arts Festival Moves Into 1st Gear

By M C Buss, 2013-08-26

Plans for the first ever Sacred Arts Festival in Anaheim are now being prepared by a small but growing Steering Committee. The following is the text of a document shared with the Anaheim Religious Community Council on May 22nd.

The Cultural Arts Plan for Anaheim (2000) suggested that the Anaheim Arts Council might help to further the arts and culture of our City by promoting an annual Sacred Arts Festival. That idea has lain dormant --- until now.


  • Religion and the arts have always been closely intertwined. The artistic culture of religion has, historically, often preserved the culture of the national identity.
  • Anaheim brings together religion and culture from many parts of the world. Those cultures  may often be “foreign” to others. The Festival will open up the various religions to all-comers so that we can do what we seldom ever do – visit each other’s worship centers. This will not be primarily to share our faith, but the art and culture by which we express our faith.
  • The model is that of the neighborhood home tour, at which a variety of homes and gardens are open to the public, with trained docents on hand to give explanations to the visitors.
  • Participating churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples will be listed on a map, and each will fly a banner in the street for ease of recognition.
  • Tickets may be ordered in advance, online, and may be picked up or purchased on the day at certain strategically placed ticket booths.
  • The ticket (with map) will give admission to each location, and should be stamped as visitors arrive.
  • At each location the leadership and regular congregation may well want to provide refreshments, sale items, home made goods, etc.
  • The visual and performing arts they choose to display will be incredibly rich and varied. They may wish to have a running performance program with music groups, singers, church organs, dance, theatre, and so forth. This would require some coordination so that visitors could plan ahead when and what display of arts they wish to see. The possibilities are almost endless.


Please let the Anaheim Arts Council know if you, or others you recommend, would like to be part of the Steering committee. This will be a joint venture with the Arts Council.


The committee is currently working on getting together the best possible list of worhip centers in Anaheim.

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