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Orange Art Show at the Muzeo

By Staff writer, 2013-08-17

This is a juried fine art show – which means the pictures were subjected to jury decision to determine a set of winners. Sometime the judge is a jury of one, and on this occasion the program gives us no clues. But what is sure is that the display of fine art is superb. In fact we run out of adjectives with all the shows we see.   One should never think that photographs are somewhat lame compared with the time and skill required to produce a painting. These photographers capture for us what most of us never see – because we’re not looking, maybe. In addition they have the luxury of being able to crop their pictures to perfection and then apply special effects by Photoshop; not to patch up the picture where it’s bad but to bring out colors and textures, moods and complexities that only exist in the photographer’s mind until brought before our gaze.

Other galleries contain ceramics, watercolors, acrylics, oils, etc. A splendid collection. Peering closely at the artist names you will find paintings from familiar friends with the Anaheim Art Association – Rich Boyd, Tony Podhue, Karen Neal and Renee Stewart Jackson.

If you can find the time to drop in before the show closes on  Friday August I feel sure your visit will not have been wasted.

Our one sneak picture is the winning watercolor entry by Rachel Ondrak, Abu ("Father")



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