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Concerts in the Park

Breaking with style

By The Editor, 2013-07-17

Every year Anaheim Community Services lays on an astounding array of Concerts in the Park – all of which give opportunities for Anaheim families to enjoy live high class entertainment. They make for a great evening out for a very small cost. And some of them are FREE. Central Anaheim enjoys the facilities of the Pearson Park Amphitheater (which will one day be covered with sail-like canopies to shield the audience from the sun.)

Pearson Park

The Pearson Park facility always seems to have a grill on the go, and it takes some considerable will power to resist the hamburgers and hot dogs! Friday July 12 witnessed a show by the LA Hip Kids. It seems you can’t go wrong with kids shows. Adoring families and friends are bound to fill out the audience. The LA Hip Kids! is a performance crew that performs all around Los Angeles & California!

LA Hip Kids

Introducing the show was Ryan Spagg from Community Services, who then handed over to the dance crew. Almost immediately the was opportunity for kids in the audience to come onstage and dance-off against members of LA Hip Kids. It is quite astonishing how kids of 6-9 can master the beat and movements of older hip-hop dancers. As the show proceeded the audience was delighted with both singing and dancing from young people aged from about 6 to 18.

Hip Kids audience

The Anaheim Arts Council provides grant money to enable Community Services to stage these concerts, fulfilling their own mission to bring culture and the arts to families who might not otherwise get to see live performances. You will see from the images here that the enthusiastic crowd loved their evening out.


Photos by Renee Stewart Jackson



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