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Looking Back at the Last Few Months

Flamenco Demonstration at the
June meeting

By Michael Buss, 2013-07-17
In the summer months of July and August the Anaheim Arts Council, along with many of its members, takes a break. But that’s not to say that not much happens. This website, for instance, still needs to be maintained and the Newsletter written. In fact, life has been so hectic for your editor that all too many news reports have never yet made it to the internet. Perhaps we can remedy that today.


Looking back – do you remember our Annual Soirée last April? A great crowd gathered at the Anaheim White House and were regaled with wine and hors d’oeuvres. People pored over items in the Silent Auction and listened to the cello playing gently in the background. It seemed that almost anyone who had connections with the Arts Council was there.


The popular question was, however, who would be this year’s Champion of the Arts? You may recall that this was a fund-raising initiative in which member organizations could nominate their own Champion and then attempt to outsell the other organizations with the highest number of one dollar votes for the overall Champion of the Arts. If you likened it to an election this would be the contest where votes can be bought. There is every incentive for champions (or their managers) to encourage business associates or philanthropists to pitch in!

Linda Knohl
Linda Knohl with winner's Certificate

By now most Arts Council members will know that thanks to the valiant efforts of Shelley Sherman the overall Champion was Linda Knohl, from APACF – the Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation.

In fact, Linda did rather well because she also won the live auction for the boxed Old Glory. This was the last of a limited number of flags actually flown over the White House in commemoration of 9/11.

Our thanks go to all the participants. They are all champions in their own way. Here are a couple more pictures to evoke your memories.

Happy people
Gail Eastman (center) with Larry Rosenberg and Amy from the Anaheim Ballet

Justine Grover, Julie and Nick Charles, Michael Buss (AAC President)


Once again a really good crowd assembled in the Downtown Anaheim Community Center. It seems that folks like the new chairs arrangement – we lay them out carefully in large, sweeping arcs. This makes it easier for everyone to see and hear everyone else. It feels more friendly than an arrangement with short little rows of chairs all facing the same way.

We were due for two main art contributions: Manny Martinez from Kofu Bonsai Kai, and a selection of artists from the Anaheim Art Association. Just when it was thought that Manny might not show up he came through the doors, perhaps a little flustered because he had been caught in the bad south county traffic.

Manny Martinez with a bonsai plant

Manny’s presentation was quite delightful, explaining to us the techniques, the art, of Bonsai and recounting stories of his own family and others he knew who had taken up the skills of miniaturization of otherwise larger plants; mostly trees. Of course he had living examples with him.

Our artists had already set up their pictures around the room, but with 15 minutes to spare we did an impromptu moving gallery show. Lining up to one side each artist came forward with his/her picture and gave us a 60 second spiel about their work. It was fun. As the meeting closed many members than walked across to the Center Gallery for the opening of a showing arranged by the Cultural and Heritage Commission.


At the last general meeting of the year the Arts Council announces and introduces the Scholarship winners. Dr. Susan Stocks – who both serves on the Board and works for the Anaheim Union High School District as Director of Special Programs – briefly interviewed each scholarship recipient. The musicians played, and the visual artist showed an example of her work.
• Mariana Martinez, Visual Arts
• Jared Jamias, Instrumental Music
• Dominick Taylor, Instrumental Music – both young men being from Servite School

Artist winner
Mariana Martinez with her family.
Susan Stocks, right

Two guitarist winners

There was a large crowd and a busy program, for we were yet to see a demonstration of Flamenco dance from Justine Grover who heads up the relatively new Naranjito Flamenco Studio. She and her two dance companions gave a stunning, whirling, foot-stamping, hand-clapping demonstration. And for the first time we had a professional photographer on hand to capture the action. Our thanks to Renee Stewart Jackson for the pictures.

Kiwanis Grant
Shirley McCracken and Joe Carter with the Grants Committe

Grants are usually presented by June Glenn, but in her absence Reon Boydstun Howard and the Grants Committee posed for the camera with each grants recipient. The Grant Committee comprised June Glenn, Reon Boydstun Howard, Carol Latham and George Gilliam.

OCS Grant
Dorothy Rose receives a grant on behalf of the OCS

The annual scholarships and grants represent a major aspect of the work of the Arts Council. The money conveyed to member organizations is targeted at specific projects that further the arts in the community. This work is so important that this year we are trying to track some of the projects with a video camera. If we are successful, this will result in a short video about the work of the Anaheim Arts Council.

Photos: Renee Stewart Jackson



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