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Art Reflections to Dazzle and Amaze

By Michael Buss, 2013-06-20
The Anaheim Art Association has once again filled the Center Gallery with an astounding display of visual art. Now in their 50th year the work of these artists seems to get stronger and stronger.

The Biblical Eve?

The process of painting is a solitary one. For however long it takes the artist is at one with his subject and the media he uses to bring on to the canvas a representation of the subject. But it’s more than that. For the artist also brings point of view, or perspective, or even a message. And if you will linger and do more than simply look but also see, there is some sense in which your spirit connects with the picture, the artist, the subject, the inner reality or truth of that which is depicted.

So once again I encourage you to take the time to visit these pictures, to dwell, to think, to feel to connect.

Take the image of the woman (Pat Woodhull) with the snake. The look over her shoulder almost suggests a smirk – I know more than you do. The forked tongue of the snake seems to caress her cheek. Is this the biblical Eve, black as she would be, coming from the cradle of humanity in Africa. It’s for you to decide.

By Tony Podhue

The red-nosed clown seems to break the mold of Tony Podhue’s architecturally precise drawings to tell us that the inner life of the clown is not always sad. Or is this still the sad man pretending to be glad?

By Dixie Moore

The tree with its underground roots (Dixie Moore) exposed pulls our attention to the unseen, the hiddenness that supports all that we can see. They plunge deep into the very soil in which our own bones must one day decay, feeding new generations of growth.

By Genevieve Bennett

Genevieve Bennett has for years been telling the story of the American Indians in her own incomparable way. This large canvas sees the Indian emerging from the entire space that sits between the clouds above and the shadows below, each reflections of each other – the natural amphitheater for those closest to and most in tune with Mother Nature.

By Natalia Duarte

And I include a picture from Russian artist Natalia Duarte since on this occasion she leaves her watercolors in favor of acrylics.

Each picture, in its own way carries the theme of reflection. And there are so many more on display. Go figure. Go see for yourself. Peace out.

You may click any image to see it larger in our image museum on Flickr.



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