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The Battle Begins

Now the theatre is finally OPEN!

By Staff writer, 2011-02-09
A week ago Anaheim’s new dinner theatre venue, Battle of the Dance, was crawling with heavy plant machinery and landscapers. Now the theatre is open – though we missed the special press evening!

An evening here will transport you to the finest stages in Europe. You’ll experience exceptional entertainment, world-class performers, a dazzling dance competition and exquisite dining in their cosmopolitan, state-of-the art, family-friendly theater.

The show will include stand-up comedy and magic mixed with traditional Latin, Flamenco, Celtic and Bollywood dance performances. Attendees can sip on wine and spirits while feasting on a three-course meal. Tickets will range from $30 to $90.

Owners of the new dinner-theater and dance show are looking to fill up to 200 jobs.

This is a very significant opening. Dance is BIG in the United States. Major TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars”, “So You Think You Can Dance?” And Paula Abdul’s new “Live to Dance” draw huge audiences. And dance studios are filled with those who prefer the cardio workout to being a couch potato.
Incorporating dance into school curricula is harder, especially at middle and high school.

Dance has no single-subject credential – it’s considered part of the PE department. So hiring dance teachers is a problem. Many schools therefore supplement the deficit with more informal dance crew training in the lunch hour, or after school when they can utilize the talents of any staff member with dance training. It’s not ideal.

A rigorous dance program will include the history of dance, and ethnic forms, as well as the connection to culture, an understanding of anatomy and physiology and aesthetic valuing. Dance has been an integral part of the human experience ever since our prehistoric forefathers danced round fires to celebrate birth and death, and victory in battle or hunting.

The Battle of the Dance may have elements of all of these, and more besides.



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