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AAA 50th Anniversary Show

Water color winner Natalia Duarte
with Tony Podue

By Michael Buss, 2013-03-26
Once again the Anaheim Art Association arranged a splendid show in GardenWalk culminating on March 16th. Being an Open show, entries came from all over Orange County.

This year’s judge was Regina Hurley whose unenviable task it was to identify not just winners, but First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention in SIX different categories as well as Best of Show. She confesses that her instant reaction to so many pieces was just an uninhibited Wow! Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the full slate of winners here, but you can download the awards sheet from here.

I attended in time to see prizes being awarded by Tony Podue, AAA President. Dave Judy was on duty as photographer for the day.


Karen Neal and Mary Daniels seemed to be among those making sure everyone got well fed.

The exhibition certainly lived up to expectation. The art was so well conceived and executed that you wanted to linger over each piece.

winnerJosie Weber with "Stacks"

Overall winner was adjudged to be Josie Weber with her entry “Stacks”. You could almost smell the freshness of the pile of ironing.


Mayor Tom Tait picked out his winner, “The Old Couple”, by Dave Judy. The picture almost looks incomplete until you realize that Dave has this happy knack of knowing when to stop putting paint on the paper.


Another favorite watercolor artist of mine is Natalia Duarte. See her ships in Catalina. But where do you start and finish when there were so many beautiful paintings? For sheer opulence why not look closely at the gladioli (if that's what they are).


Congratulations once again to this lively organization.

If you ever feel like handling the paint brush yourself you would always be welcome at their weekly art sessions at the Downtown Anaheim Community Center – 12-3:30pm. Bring a few materials. Others there will be glad to help you if you feel unsure of what to do.



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