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Shady Dealings at Pearson Park

An artist's impression of the proposed Shade Project

By Staff writer, 2013-03-25
Remember those hot summer night concerts in Pearson Park, with the sun beating down and, not to be defeated as it drops over the horizon, a last blinding glare in your eyes? Those days may be past and gone when Community Services implements its new Amphitheatre Shade Project.

Mind you, with an estimated project cost of $842,500 there is need for a fair bit of sponsorship. This might well appeal to foundations, or large businesses. As appropriate for summer nights under the stars, you may start as a Celestial Sponsor for $10,000 or ascend through Galaxy, or Universe to Super Nova Sponsor at $300,000. All such gifts will include permanent recognition plaques in the theatre entrance foyer, your name in the Activities Guide and be an honored guest at the annual Recognition Event.

Summer nights under the stars, or under the awnings? Either way, this is an imaginative project from which we will all benefit.



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