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Teens Band Opened for B.B. King

The members of Detour91

By Sherry Azevedo, 2013-02-20
Together for little more than a year, kids’ blues band Detour 91 opened for blues legend B.B. King at the House of Blues on Friday 22nd.

The meteoric rise of the band was spurred on by the inspiration of Fernando Jones, the charismatic director of Blues Kids Foundation, who ran a Blues Kids Camp in Anaheim last summer.

The common theme that pervades the personal stories of each band member is passion; a passion for the music and a passion for the way blues music gets into the soul! Blues was a genre they had never heard of before. But once they were introduced to it they were captivated; and if you listen to them perform, they sound like they've been singing this soul stirring music for a long time.

Initially the band named themselves Breakthrough, which, it turns out, was not very original. Earlier this year they changed it to Detour 91, a perfect name for how they truly felt, with a style of music that is a detour from the mainstream music to which kids their age listen; and they all lived off the 91 Freeway! They are given huge support by all their parents and coach Gino Matteo.

See the band perform at the Fall Festival, Anaheim.

A quick rundown of the band:
Darryn Azevedo - Vocals and Keyboards - is the Leader of the band. A natural performer Darryn enjoys being part of the Musical Theater group in school and is an 8th Grade Honors student. He plays in a water polo team and enjoys tennis, and is under the tutelage of Karl Carrasco from Cannibal and the Headhunters, Edmond Allmond and Guy Babusek, certified Seth Riggs' instructor.

Lizzy Castillo - 14 years old – Bass. In her words, "Never let anyone tell you that a girl can’t be a bass player. When I am playing, I feel unstoppable and ready for the incredible journey I am ready to take." Lizzy is in 9th grade with a report card full of "A's" and she loves being part of her youth group at church. In her free time she is learning to fly a Cessna 172.

Sloan Cinkle - 14 years old - Keyboards and Sax. He’s a real charmer – the girls simply love him. He currently has the lead role in his Jr. High musical “Fame Jr.” When not being a typical fun-loving teenager, he is the goalie for his water polo team. Sloan is an 8th Grade Honors student, and under the tutelage of Vincent Covello (voice coach for Victoria Justice), Karl Carrasco from Cannibal and the Headhunters and Guy Babusek.

Matt Fyke - 14 years old – Drums. Matt is fun to be around with. He began playing the drums when he was 9 and now plays like a pro! He’s currently being tutored by Bill Hartel and Kofi Baker (son of notable drummer Ginger Baker). When Matt is not drumming, he spends his time enjoying the guitar, playing competitive soccer year round as captain of his team, and is an 8th Grade Honors student.

Olivia Lauletta -Vocals - is a 16-year old, singer, actor, dancer - a true triple threat! Blessed with a soulful singing voice she has been amazing audiences since age 6. She was awarded Best Pop Artist at the RK Records Celebrity Invitational Showcase. A "regular" teenage girl who loves to hang out with her friends, go shopping and play video games, Olivia tries hard to stay balanced by keeping up with her studies, playing golf and doing community service. She is under the tutelage of Winnie Hiller.

Chase Walker – Guitar. Confident and gifted, 14 year old Chase plays the guitar like he has been playing it for years. He picked up the instrument only a couple of years ago, was completely hooked and now amazes audiences with his mean licks and solos. He’s influenced by guitar players Tab Benoit, Albert Lee, Chet Akins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. When Chase is not playing his guitar or shopping for vintage guitars, he loves going to the movies and playing Minecraft.



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