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An Hour of Inspiration

By Michael Buss, 2011-01-09
What does a Celtic harper and the Anaheim Assistance League have in common?

If you weren’t there you won’t know. Answer: Both of them were featured at the January general meeting of the Anaheim Arts Council. And each, in their own way, were equally enthralling.

I had no idea that in a year over 2000 Anaheim elementary school children receive help from the Assistance League. These are kids who might live in motels, or cars! The mothers have almost nothing. Yet the needy children receive a new backpack, underwear, socks, shirts and a top garment. And I didn’t know that when women are violated and taken to the hospital the police need to keep all their clothing for forensic purposes. So the poor woman might have nothing to wear home – were it not for the Assistance League providing clothing, hygeine products, and makeup. Another auxiliary of AL provides beautiful hand-made hats for kids from CHOC suffering hair loss because of cancer treatment.

The work of the Assistance League done by many auxiliaries: IRIS, for instance, is the professional working women auxiliary, meeting at night. The Anaheim Hills Auxiliary is somewhat the same, but are mostly women from the hills area. CYALT is the college age kids and Assisteens is the junior/senior high kids.

This merely begins to scratch the surface of the huge amount of time, money and love goes into caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Maybe you could help. The annual fund-raiser in April will be seeking to raise a quarter of a million dollars to keep the work going. Phew! Please see the Calendar for full details.



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