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Board Member hit by Police Car

These harpist entertained the audience in the Muzeo.

By Michael Buss, 2011-01-06
Iíd been really excited about December 17th. The OC Symphony was due for its Christmas celebration concert in collaboration with other art organizations, at the Heritage Forum. The first part of the evening was the display of Russian icons and art work from students connected with the OC Childrenís Therapeutic Arts Center in the Muzeo. It was good Ė harpists harping while we drank punch with cookies. Making new friends. Relaxing.

Part two was to be the concert across the way. But I never got there. Just over half way across Anaheim Blvd Ė where I was crossing with others, with the walk signal in our favor, a police car turned left from Broadway and ploughed right into me. Three sickening body slams, and Iím dumped on the street in the rain with my head split open. The driver testified she never saw me! Makes me wonder what she was doing.

The medics were there real quick. I heard people telling me not to move. I felt myself being lifted into the CARE ambulance. And the rest was a haze as they scanned and x-rayed me, plugged me into drips and monitors and called my wife.

(I have gory pictures, but you donít want to see them, Iím sure.)

Iím far better now. The staples have been removed from my scalp. My right knee is a mess, and yet to be fully investigated by a specialist. My physical therapists are fabulous.

Thank You to literally scores of people who have wished me well on Facebook and by other means. Your healing energies have been precious beyond measure. The neighbors down our street blessed us with piping hot meals brought to our door.

As to the concert at the Heritage Forum Ė I will never be able to tell you about the atmosphere, the thrill, the whirling color of the dancers, the majestic singing of the choir, the mighty swell of the Hallelujah Chorus, or the awe of those who attended. I have yet to tell you how I hope the Heritage Forum will be returned to being a place where Anaheim can celebrate the performing arts with some of the best shows in the nation.

But I will, one day.



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