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Champion for the Arts, 2013 - the Race Begins!

Last year's winner with Altrusa's
Carol Latham

By Staff writer, 2012-11-24
The race is on! The Anaheim Arts Council has announced the start of the 2013 Champion for the Arts Contest. You might remember that last April Altrusa won this with their champion, Hoagy Holquin. This year he will defend his title - and all bets are off.

This is a fund-raiser with a difference. Any member organization of the AAC may nominate a “champion” whom they and all their friends will sponsor, trying to sell as many $1 ballots as possible. The funds raised are then split 50:50 between the organization and the Arts Council.

Everybody wins because the split received by the AAC gets turned around in scholarships and grants and the organization gets a nice influx of cash. And when that runs to the tune of $500 or more, that is very nice extra revenue.

The overall winner, the Champion who receives the most $1 ballots wins the title Champion for the Arts.

This is the one contest where you can literally buy the vote! Learn from Hoagy. He leaned on his business associates and they came good. But the real winners were the non-profit Altrusa. That's what this is all about – raising money to help non-profits do their valuable work.

How do you get started?

Choose a person, man or woman to be the candidate to represent your organization as the Champion for the Arts.

Complete the Champion for the Arts Application and return it to Reon Howard c/o Boydstun Realty, 703 N. Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805 (714-778-4261)

Sell ballots for $1.00 each. The ballots have a line to be completed for name, phone number and email address. The last line is where the name of the organization who sold the ballot is placed.

The candidate whose organization sells the most ballots becomes the Champion of the Arts.

The Champion for the Arts will be named at our April Soiree, April 4, 2013, at the Anaheim White House.

All ballots will be placed into a drawing for prizes to be determined by the committee. The prizes will be drawn at the Soiree.

Ballots are sold for $1.00 each and at the end of the fundraiser, your organization will be given 50% of the proceeds (e.g. you sell 500 ballots, you get back $250). This is a win; win for your organization and the Anaheim Arts Council.

To turn in money or receive more ballots, please contact Reon or Wendi (714.778.4261)

Of course, there is an entry form which you may download right here.

NOW is the time to get started. The more time to have to sell the ballots, the better. And make it fun all the way.

The line-up from last April. Champions, every one of them.



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