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What's On In Anaheim?

By The Editor, 2012-09-25
There has never yet been a comprehensive arts calendar for Anaheim; and there probably never will be. But we are getting close!

There are some arts and cultural organizations (like the Muzeo) whose calendar of events is so great that they would swamp any other calendar. The same is true of the City National Grove of Anaheim.

So we have the next best thing. We are now testing out giving you access to ALL Anaheim arts events in one place right here on this website, from the home page. On the left you can see all the upcoming events, and when you click on any header a pop up will give you all the details. Try it. From the event pop-up you can print the details or even set yourself a reminder so you donít forget!

Would you like to see a month at a glance? Then click the header for UPCOMING EVENTS, or the link at the bottom that says View FULL Calendar. Or click the regular Calendar menu item across the top.

Now did you notice that right under the Upcoming Events there are logos for the Muzeo, The Grove, Downtown Anaheim and Community Services? Click any of them and you will go right to the calendars for those groups. See Ė you can get at everything.
I hear somebody whisper Ė But I donít see my meeting that I know is happening on such-and-such a date! Thatís because we have to persuade people to enter the events on this calendar. Each arts organization may have a password to login and enter their events.

Does your organization belong to the Arts Council? Yes? Then your representative should ask for a password to be able to enter your events. Does your organization not belong to the Anaheim Arts Council? Then get them to join Ė a mere $50 for the year, and access to the best shared calendar resource in the City. Together we can make this very effective.

Final Tips! If you are not too used to online calendars, try clicking on anything. Just see what happens. You will be amazed at the details you will unearth.

The calendar alone should an incentive to come back to Anaheim Arts Council site again and again.



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