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New Art Experience in Downtown

From Farmers Market to art galleries, so much to see.

By Staff writer, 2011-02-02
The Downtown Anaheim Art District is launching the first of the quarterly progressive art walks ('Art Crawl Experience') on Saturday, February 12.

It will start off at the Downtown Community Center Gallery, move to and along Center Street Promenade where there will be a variety of art exhibits in storefronts, restaurants, food court, etc., and Art In Public Places. Additionally there will be live music and food tastings - hence the 'experience'.

There is an opportunity for the seven groups (Rothick, Cultural & Heritage Commission, Downtown Anaheim Association, Muzeo, Sarah Bain Gallery, the Indie Craft Fair and the Arts Council) planning this event to have some major advertising at an excellent price.

And come January 18th members of the Art District will pitch the project before the City Council.

Time to get out the calendar and mark the date!



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