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The Quest for AIPP

This is an old mural in Little People's Park - but there is talk of restoration.

By Staff writer, 2012-09-03
The search is on to find any new or overlooked public art in the city of Anaheim. Each November, in the council chamber of City Hall, the Anaheim Arts Council gives public recognition to items of art that enhance public spaces. This year’s occasion will be on November 1st, open to all. Refreshments are always served beforehand in the City Hall lobby. The arts works are featured through slides, and the businesses responsible for the arts presented with certificates and given honorary membership of the Arts Council for the coming year.

You , dear readers, can be our eyes and ears! What have public art have you seen that you think is worthy of public recognition? You can tell us about it right here, from our Contact page.

Of course, the AIPP committee already has a list to consider, but with your help they may find yet more.

The importance of public art
The human soul is immeasurably enriched when touched by the beauty of architecture, landscaping, sculptures, murals, paintings. From the glories of the ancient Greece and Rome to the classical mimicry of Washington DC, or the modern buildings that now lend awe to major cities, civic and ecclesiastical leaders have always known that a city is most admired and enjoyed when its buildings exude grandeur and style, when works of art are placed where all can easily see them. Citizens and visitors alike gain a sense of wonder and pride when the place where they live is beautiful. And a city that is proud of its music halls, cathedrals, performing arts spaces, galleries and museums is a city on touch with its native creativity, history and nobility.

Please – think about it. What art have you seen that maybe wasn’t there last year. It could easily be that the neighborhood where you live has been quietly adorned with something that you think should be recognized at the AIPP meeting on November. Tell us.



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