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Exquisite Evening of Japan Inspired Music

Dr. Tony Mazzaferro - wind
ensemble conductor

By Michael Buss, 2012-08-31
The Orange County Symphony kicked off its new season with a champagne reception, relaxing music from the Pollyanna Brass Quintet and a fundraiser silent and live auction.

Regular OCS fans will know that the concerts mostly alternate between the two ensembles, the full Symphony orchestra and the Wind Symphony. It was the turn of the wind band under the leadership of Dr. Tony Mazzaferro following the auction, and the company experimented with its new format of having a pre-concert talk.

This really introduced us to Tony Mazzaferro, the new conductor of the OCWS, who joined his audience in the seats for his chat. With his easy smile and relaxed style he had us quickly charmed with his anecdotes about Japan and influence of Japan upon the evening’s composers. So we were well prepared for what was to follow. After all, said our conductor, with a big grin, do we always only expect Souza when we hear a wind band?

Paul Kott raises the bids at the live auction.

The pre-concert experiment may never be wholly successful for there will always be those who choose to arrive at the last moment. So it was that the numbers almost doubled just before the concert started and Dr. Mazzaferro needed to repeat some of his introductions as the show proceeded.

Pollyanna, who gives her name
to the Brass Quintet.

It has to be said that the OCWS is one of the finest wind ensembles you could ever hope to hear. They brought to us music that was totally unfamiliar, but its sheer lyricism and expression was everything for which the conductor prepared us. Yes, the very essence of Japan seemed to percolate through each piece enthralling the audience with its mystery, surprise and mysticism. We had been prepared for one particular movement with the warning that it would be intense, introspective, inside your head.

No kidding! It was extraordinary. I closed my eyes to get the effect. The almost eerie sweeping background to the musical seconds intervals had the effect of dissociation, disconnecting you from normal reality. It was a trip!
You may hear the wind band again at the October 28th concert when the title is appropriately Chillers and Thrillers. See the full details on the new OCS website.

Key Clubbers served at the champagne reception



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