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New Performing Arts Center Inches Ever Closer

Linda Knohl outlines the vision
and introduces the fashion show.

By , 2012-07-24
Fundraising is a never ending saga in the arts community. The latest organization to appeal to its supporters to dig deep and give generously was APACF, the Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation. And the good news to emerge from APACF’s glitzy Great Gatsby weekend at Foxpointe Manor is that we may very, very soon hear the official location of the new and much anticipated Performing Arts Center.

It is no easy matter to build a center to match the Carpenter Center, the Cerritos Performing Arts Center or the magnificent facilities at the Segerstom Arts Center in Costa Mesa. But with Anaheim now being the 9th largest city in California and a major destination for sport, entertainment and conventions, such a performing arts center would be highly desirable.

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald certainly set a lavish, romantic style much to be envied in his novel: The Great Gatsby. So for the second year in a row the two day garden fête was a visual throw-back to that era with flapper girls stepping out of cars escorted by men in their vests and trilbys.

Saturday night dinner with Broadway performers.

The Saturday evening event consisted mainly of a lavish dinner on the tennis court – now transformed into a charming open air restaurant with a stage at one end. As darkness fell and the temperature dropped a group of dancers from Anaheim Ballet graced the stage. Then Broadway returned to Anaheim with a brilliant program of singers including the music of the Great White Way sung by Broadway’s Rogelio Douglas Jr, Lexi Lawson and American Idol’s David Hernandez. All with a live band that had the guests dancing the night away.

The Sunday afternoon event gave scope for visitors to wander the expansive gardens of Foxpointe Manor, shop at the chic booths arrayed across the lawns and enjoy the food and wine bar. Music from members of the Orange County Symphony provided a perfect Gatsby era atmosphere. Nearby a silent auction drew the attention of people looking for a bargain but also wanting to support the fund-raising.

Saturday night dinner with Broadway performers.

The main event was the fashion show with lovely creations from fashion designers Lourdes Chavez, Gordana Gehlhausen and Monique du Rock.

Foxpointe manor is the home of Dr. Howard and Linda Knohl whose vision for the performing arts center continues to energize the Board and its various committees who worked so hard to make the garden party a success.

I would like to tell you that the organizers announced the location for the long-anticipated performing arts center. But there appear to be still a few issues before that announcement can be made. However, take a board member by the arm and whisper in his or her ear “When will it be?” you get the confidential reply, “We’re getting very close”. And having actually spoken the with project’s architect, that would indeed appear to be the case.

So we continue to wait with antici …….. pation.

All in all, a great weekend. Let’s hope the funds they raised were considerable. Now we look forward to the fall event, Broadway Comes to Anaheim – Again, which will also be staged at Foxpointe Manor.



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