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Wind of Change for Arts Council

Outgoing President Carol Latham
with Janet Lee at the recent
Children's Festival.

By the Editor, 2012-06-30
In a move that could scarcely have been foreseen at the beginning of the year the Anaheim Arts Council has added seven new directors to its Board. Due to natural attrition the number of directors had declined so they set about finding new blood. But when the nominating committee came up with no fewer than six new names the existing board, under the leadership of its President Carol Latham, took a bold step deciding to make room for all of the nominees.

At the June General meeting the members of the Arts Council voted in the full slate and added a further write-in name.
The new Board members fully take office at the start of the new Fiscal year – July 1st. Carol Latham, who has so excellently served as President for the last two years, welcomed in the newly elected President, Michael Buss, at the June Board meeting. Andrea Manes will take over a Secretary.

Incoming President Michael Buss

Michael has been a director on the board for several years, served as its secretary for two years, and has been responsible for designing and maintaining this website.

Andrea Manes has been on the Arts Council board for many years and is widely known as a journalist, and for her leadership as a regular coordinator of the Children’s Festival.

The new directors, all of whom have proven track records in the field of the arts, will bring fresh ideas to mingle with the wisdom and experience of the more long-standing members of the Board as they look at the years ahead.

You will find the full listing of all the board members here.



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