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OC Symphony Gets Close to Arena Concert

By Staff reporter, 2012-06-27
There are two major events that local arts supporters may not want to miss. The first is the ground-breaking Pops in the Arena Concert at the Anaheim Convention Center.( We’ll cover the Anaheim Ballet in the next article.)

    Mark the date: Saturday July 7th.
The lobby will be open from 5:30pm for a silent auction. The concert starts at 7pm.

It seems that many Anaheim residents have never been in the Convention Center! They leave it to the out-of-towners coming for their conferences. But this concert is for YOU, local music lovers, in the spectacular arena in Katella Blvd. It’s easy to reach and there’s loads of parking.

In what will be the first of a new series in the Arena the Orange County Symphony will present a magical program of music from the movies under the baton of conductor David Rentz. Two remarkable vocalists, Ellen Rentz and Riverside boy, Christopher Marsh, will rock the rafters. If you have never been to a concert like this before you are in for a treat.

Here’s what makes this event so much more fun. You may take your favorite beverage and have a picnic with your friends – Hollywood Bowl style - while you listen to the band! What could be better?

But you will need to move quickly to get the best seats because they are selling fast. Dorothy Rose, Executive Director of the OCS, says you may sit with your friends at the large round tables at the front and either order your picnic from Aramark Catering, or dazzle your friends with your own fine dining picnic hamper. I suggest you get on the phone, round up a few buddies, and make those reservations.

You may also sit in the raked, stadium seating for a lower ticket price – and still eat as you enjoy the music.

Now here’s some news you may not know: the Orange County has a brand new website and they want you to pay a visit. That’s as easy as clicking right here. In fact, there you will get far more details about the Pops in the Arena concert. The OCS also has a beautiful flier explaining all the ticket and food choices which you may download here.

Since Arts Council website has a feed back page – why not let us know about the concert after your night out? Hope to see you there.



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