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Hoagy Holguin named as Champion of the Arts

Champion Hoagy with his
Altrusa sponsors

By Staff writer, 2012-05-05
In a night to remember ‘Hoagy’ Holguin was named Champion of the Arts at the climax of a competition that saw the sale of over twelve thousand $1 dollar votes! Member organizations of the Anaheim Arts Council had been asked to put up a candidate for their own Champion of the Arts – a way of honoring those who over the years have contributed so much to the arts. Organizations vied with each other to sell the most votes for their candidates and in the end Altrusa outsold the rest.

Hoagy has a very distinguished record through his many activities here in Anaheim, as you may see from this online profile when he ran for the City Council a year ago.

Over a hundred people come to the Anaheim White House on a bright but chilly evening, welcomed at the gates by two ballerinas from the Anaheim Ballet, and by the gentle strains of a harp from Leah Cecil of the Orange County Symphony. Peggy Immerman and Maria Hoffman from Altrusa checked in the arriving guests. An array of silent auction items lined the forecourt of the West Wing and slowly guests began to bid up each other for theatre tickets, baskets of goodies and prestige suites for Ducks or Angels games.

Inside the White House chefs brought out a continuous stream of delightful cheeses and hors d’ouvres while the bar provided a range of wines to taste in addition to full glasses. Bruno Serato made the rounds to welcome the guests.

The guests ranged from stalwart arts supporters of many years’ experience like Elsie Reed, who was Arts Council President in 1978-79, and who readily relates stories of the early days of the Council when it was virtually a department of the City of Anaheim, to new members like Sherry Azevedo who is spearheading the BluesKids camp initiative, or Nick Charles Executive director of Anaheim newest theatre – the Stage Door Rep. AUHSD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Novack dropped in for a while en route to another engagement. The slides, below, will show you many more of the distinguished guests. This was a great opportunity to meet and greet new people.

Don't miss the slide show at the foot of this article!

With the Silent Auction over AAC President Carol Latham, took the microphone. It should perhaps be remarked that Carol has served the Council these past two years with great distinction and has been quite tireless in the work she does in the city. Carol introduced board member Andrea Manes, this year's coordinator for the Children’s Festival, to run the live auction part of the program. For weeks we have been tantalized with wondering who would win the $8,000 Corum ladies watch. And after an entertaining and snappy auction the winner proved to be James Dinwiddie, husband of Lori who is herself standing for election to the AAC Board.

Naturally, the revelation of the Champion of the Arts came last. It was a real party atmosphere as the redoubtable contestants came forward for photographs. Council Treasurer Dr. June Glenn held the sealed envelope aloft declaring that only one person had ever seen its contents. It was an Oscar moment. Of course, we now know the result – but the cheers applause resounded round the room and the backslapping began.

Great credit goes to Reon Boydstun Howard, the chair of the Soiree Committee, whose behind-the-scenes effort to make the evening a success was huge. This truly was a remarkable event. The past few years have not been easy for the arts with a sluggish economy making it tough for them to make ends meet. In April the much planned Arts and Food Festival had to be canceled largely because there was simply too much happening that day to be get the necessary support. So the Wine and Cheese Soiree was a huge bounce back and it’s to be hoped that this will set the trend for a new series of annual soirees. The Arts Council will be very happy to be make grants to various organizations in the coming month of June.

As folks waited for their cars to be returned by the valets there remained the warm glow that this had been a wonderful evening.

The Champion of the Arts candidates
Kelly Castillo - Cultural and Heritage Commission
Joe Dale - Kiwanis Club of Greater Anaheim
Frank Feldhaus - Downtown Anaheim Association
Hoagy Holguin - Altrusa
Reon Boydstun Howard - Harp Guild
Chris Jarvi - Anaheim Public Library Foundation
Erika Miller - The Chance Theatre
Sandra Nelipovich - Assistance League of Anaheim
Ruth Vonderloh - Ebell Club

Event sponsors
Disneyland Resort
Clean City – Bill Taormina
Boydstun Realty
Paul Kott Realtors Inc
Hilgenfeld Mortuary
Kofu Bonsai Kai
Stan Pawlowski – Pacific Western Bank
Dawn Miller – Citi Bank

Wine and Cheese Soiree, May 2012

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