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Art Crawl Experience - a Retrospective

Alien emerges from the darkness

By Michael Buss, 2012-04-25
Just like last November, the Art Crawl on February 11th was a battle against the elements. The cold wind sweeping down Center Street Promenade compelled some booth owners to hang on to their awnings. Artists determined on painting live for the passing art-buffs must have felt their fingers well-nigh freezing to their brushes.

Although our selection of images is somewhat random we hope you’ll enjoy the featured artists and will take the time to click through the links to their websites.

Fit to catch my eye was the Steampunk booth in the Promenade, close by the Muzeo. (add in details). Pete Ramirez explained how, being out of work, he turned his art to making a living by re-purposing everyday objects into art sculpture.

Round the corner Dino Perez was hunched intently over his work excising vinyl print of his artwork to give to his visitors during the evening. One of his many techniques is to mount his work on specially prepared wooden panels then seal them with a special glaze. Visit his site here.

The custom cars were fewer in number this time. I wonder if most of them were up on blocks in the garage with their wheels off and the oil drained down for winter. Oh no – this is not Alaska! But you have to wonder, looking at the low-sling suspension, whether they would ever make it over speed bumps or become ingloriously grounded like the President’s “Beast” during his visit to Ireland last year. Remember that!

Under the AT&T entrance Tony Podue, oblivious to passers-by, pulled his collar closer, eyes flicking from his canvas to the photo in his lap, and back, and tentatively placed his brush on the slowly-developing image. Maybe by later that night we would see how it developed – but I would be in Fullerton, pursuing my art on stage, as an actor.

It’s a little late to give a full commentary of all we saw that night. But we invite you to enjoy some of the pictures we took as you re-live the memories.

The NEXT Art Crawl Experience will be on May 12th, from 6-10pm. You may wander all the way from the Danny Beck art exhibit at The Gallery in the Downtown Community Center to the Rothick Art Haus on Harbor. Shuttle buses can give you a free ride. Being May - the evening should be quite wonderful.

Art Crawl Experience, February 2012

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