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Glorious Art at Color and Light Exhibition

By Jesus Hermosa - 11th, Katella.
Stippling - ink.

By Michael Buss, 2012-04-19
The MUZEO – Monday April 16th. A sunny afternoon.

The band from Savanna High School, sweating under the hot afternoon sun, could be forgiven for wondering when the proceedings would begin. Actors from Brookhurst Junior High School emerged from the Muzeo into a gusty breeze tugging at their costumes and activation signs. But within 30 minutes the wind would drop, guests and dignitaries would arrive, and the Annual Color and Light exhibition of the Anaheim Union High School District would be under way. Budding young artists from every school in the District had submitted their photographs, sculptures, drawings and paintings for careful adjudication.


By Stephany Barragan - 8th, Lexington. Pastels

It seemed generally agreed that the overall quality of the visual art was higher than in any previous year. Muzeo staff must have rejoiced at so many young people and parents thronging the galleries – for them, a first taste of what the Muzeo has to offer.

By Lizbeth Torres - 12th, Western. Ceramic

Filling two galleries at the Muzeo entries majored strongly on portraiture, but the medium varied from paper collage, to pencil, pastels and oils. Photography also figured prominently, though it is more difficult to do justice to photos in our reproduced images. Angle, point of view, expression, emotion, conflict as well as mellow beauty all found their way into these student compositions. The judges must have had a tough time arriving at the winners.

At a later time we will list the names of the winners And bring you a slide show with many more images.


Civil War photographer Matthew Brady
portrayed by Moses Franco - 8th, Brookhurst

The Advanced Drama class from Brookhurst JHS provided entertainment in the forecourt as they depicted either artists or subjects from famous paintings.

Valarie Lake as The Girl with the Pearl
Earring - 8th Brookhurst

Each character had prepared an “activation sign”. When you spoke the keys words the statue, which to this point had been unmoving, “came to life” and acted out a short biography of their character before reverting to their statue position. Considering these young actors were only 8th graders it was a mesmerizing performance designed to complement the visual art on display in the gallery.


Jordan Brandman (AUHSD Board) and
councilor Gail Eastman

It was fun to observe a great coming together of art teachers, school principals, District Board members, representatives of local arts organizations and the City of Anaheim, parents and children, all glowing with pride at some sense of involvement with the wonderful art achievements of the tomorrow’s generation of artists. John Scola, Executive Director of the Muzeo, observed in his remarks to the assembled crowd that there was nothing around us that has not first be conceived and designed by a creative, problem-solving mind – and that the arts met that need to produce students who could think, solve problems and create. This is why the arts must remain a major feature of every school.


Brian Belski leading the Savanna band

Brian Belski brought his band from Savanna and gallantly played in the heat as a crowd of well over 200 people took their seats to watch the art winners be honored and receive their certificates. The Kiwanis club provided some wonderful awards for the winners. All of them will also receive honorary membership of the Anaheim Arts Council through to the end of this year.


AUHSD Superintendent Dr. Liz Novack.

Wherever you looked there were familiar faces – Pat Wayne from ArtsOC, Jim Thomas from the OC Dept. Of Education, Mayor Tom Tait, City councilor Gail Eastman, Carol Latham, president of the Arts Council, folk from the Anaheim Assistance League, member of the Board of the AUHSD. And why? Because they are all totally invested in the creative success of today’s kids – the people who will run America tomorrow.

Dr. Susan Stocks, Director of Special Projects put the event together with great panache, and Superintendent Elizabeth Novack supervised the formal recognitions and presentations to the students.

The event was sponsored by the AUHSD Foundation – which sponsors a wide variety of sports events, the annual Spelling Bee and Oral Interpretation competition – and Color and Light. Thank you AUHSD Foundation.



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