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The Girl Who's Looking for Walls in Anaheim

On the lookout!

By Michael Buss, 2010-11-16
Artist Kelly Castillo is looking for walls, empty walls, maybe even drab, uninviting walls. Walls which could spring to life if covered in murals. But at the moment she is on the stomp looking for support. And if she gets, or rather, when she gets it, you might expect to see a new art walk and art district in downtown Anaheim.

If you wander down Harbor, just a block south of Lincoln, you’ll find the Rothick art haus which Kelly owns jointly with husband Nick Rothweiler. She explains her background on Facebook - As an street urchin I survived by making clever drawings of Newport Beach tourists for a nickel a pop. My art has the dark renaissance flavor that only life in a meth den can teach, back then my only tools were hair, bone, blood and spit.

Now she is described as an artist in the emerging sub urban Pop scene.

So what support does she need? First she wants artists who would like to join the project, not necessarily painting to an Anheim-centric theme - they like to do their own thing, she says. It does not have to be a repeat of the Anaheim Garden Walk.

Kelly is also looking for an umbrella 501c3 so that she can seek tax deductible donations and sponsorships from local businesses.

Quizzed by the Anaheim Arts Council, they wanted to know what she would do if the murals were defaced by graffiti. Not a (huge) problem. Artists would retouch their work, and periodically they would be completely replaced. Some think that anti-graffiti sealants could be applied.

Kelly sees the Baltimore Love Project as a model for Anaheim. Of course, you can see what that means right here!

If the murals project catches your imagination please contact Kelly at support@ads4art.com

Meanwhile we’ll be eager to see how the support grows.



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